zain bhikkaSince 1994, Zain Bhikha has inspired fans over the world with his messages of hope and upliftment. As a singer, songwriter and through creative workshops and television, Zain is amongst the most popular English Islamic artists, well-loved by young and old.

In 2014, Zain celebrated twenty years as an artist. With twelve albums under his belt and a thirteenth to be released this year, Zain’s audience continues to grow in his country of birth, South Africa, as well as globally. Zain remains a pioneer in the ‘Nasheed’ (spiritual) genre of music, where he has set benchmarks for other artists. His albums have been launched in the United Kingdom, North America, Malaysia, France, Turkey, Holland, India, The Middle East, Ivory Coast and Australia. Zain has touched lives everywhere performing in cities across most continents.

With a new understanding of sound, Zain Bhikka started working on his album which is aimed to be marketed all around the world to fans worldwide while every track in this new album is arranged by Emre Moğulkoç.